My Awesome Week 4

This week has been a busy week.We have done art, twilight sport preparation and etc.

My favourite part of the week is showing Red Team their dance for twilight sport.

I’m not a red sports Leader but I’m just a helper and  it’s really fun.

Red Team are doing an amazing job doing the dance and I hope they can do better on Sports night.

On Tuesday, it was the Gr.6s Leadership Day.

The Gr. 6s played and did Leadership activities and it was fun and interesting.

The best bit of Leadership Day was the food.It was delicious having fruit, other sweet food and potato cake with chips.It was a very fun week and I can’t wait for next week.

Queensland Reflection

For about 3 days I went to Queensland for my Grandpa’s birthday.

  • The best part was when my family celebrated My Grandpa’s birthday with all the food, having fun and sleeping.
  • The funniest thing was nothing really much.
  • The hardest part was trying to help my cousin to paddle the canoe.
  • Something I learned was never share the same room with my relatives when they are sleeping because they snore.
  • Someone I got to know better was how my relatives sleep
  • Something that surprised me was my Grandpa and Grandma didn’t do much
  • The Most memorable part of my holiday was my Grandpa’s birthday and everyone having fun


Inquiry Learning

This Term, the Seniors are all learning about Geography and Sustainability.
We have to learn 2 countries and see if they are different or similar of the ways they control their country.

So far, I’ve learnt so much about Argentina and Austria of how they control their environment.They are very different from each other but Air pollution is their environmental problem they both have in common.



Term 3 Inquiry Reflection


For this Term’s Inquiry unit, all the Seniors have been learning about  Australian Politics.

I found out that Stanley Melbourne Bruce was the 8th prime minister of Australia, he made government management of Australia’s interests and he recommend Australia in shaping British Imperial foreign policy.

Democracy is a system of the population from each state to elect a representative.

Federal, State and Local are the 3 levels of government in Australia. by helping Australian government.

During the Term, we have watched BTN videos about parliament and they give us lots of information about Parliament, which is where political people write and discuss about laws, rules and changes.

In the past of voting, people were only allowed to vote at the age of 21, women weren’t allowed to vote ,nor were aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders unless they were in the army (after 1962). Now they let aboriginals vote and since 1977, they allow voting from the age of 18.


Learning new stuff about Politics was the best!

Senior S Foods

Address: St Luke’s Primary School blackburn sth
Class:  Senior S
Opening day:Friday 5th August 9:50am
In Victoria Australia Blackburn sth a cafe called Senior S foods.Seeing the dishes looked OK but when you put it in your mouth it feels like rainbows in your mouth just wonderous. The food felt dry and wet at start but the dips smelt very different with each other and didn’t feel right.It was normal food snacks right in front of me,just crackers,carrots and blueberries being eaten 30times bigger tan then.Crackers mixed in dip was the best because the crunch and sauce was just tangy and nice.
Vegetables and the veggie dips just taste 2times better by itself. The juicy sweetness of the dish was delectable.That’s why you should come to Senior S cafe!
Note:Jasmine ate a blueberry with hmmous and her face looked sour and red.
I think she didn’t enjoy it.
If you want to see her go to Jazzy’s jellybeans

My Picture Book

Hi everyone,

Today all the Seniors made Picture books.
We all had to read all the picture story books to the preps and juniors,I think all of the preps and juniors enjoyed our picture book.

I hope we will do it again

Ball game around the world

This ball game is called Sepak Takraw is a hybrid of volleyball and a hacky sack made from Southern Asia
These are the rules
1.You need two teams
2.You have to be kicking a small ratten ball all over 5-foot tall net.
3.Ratten ball have to be the same size like a softball.

Do you have an interest of Sepak Takraw?


What is monopoly? It is a board game that you go through a trail and get some money.
Who invented Monopoly? Charles Darrow
When was monopoly made? By 1933
What do you use for monopoly? Money,4 figures,cards to tell you,the board game.

Do you like playing Monopoly?

Math survey

This week Sienna and I surveyed the Juniors
Our topic was ice-cream and the flavours were Chocolate,Mint,Vanilla,Rainbow and Cookies & cream.
*The best flavour for all of the ice-creams were Cookies & cream from the Juniors and 7 people like Cookies & cream
*The least favourite flavour was Vanilla by only 2 people
*Chocolate and Rainbow got a tie with 4 people
All of the people there were 23 altogether.

What is your favourite ice-cream flavour between Chocolate,Mint,Vanilla,Rainbow and Cookies & cream?

1 2