August 5

Senior S Foods

Address: St Luke’s Primary School blackburn sth
Class:  Senior S
Opening day:Friday 5th August 9:50am
In Victoria Australia Blackburn sth a cafe called Senior S foods.Seeing the dishes looked OK but when you put it in your mouth it feels like rainbows in your mouth just wonderous. The food felt dry and wet at start but the dips smelt very different with each other and didn’t feel right.It was normal food snacks right in front of me,just crackers,carrots and blueberries being eaten 30times bigger tan then.Crackers mixed in dip was the best because the crunch and sauce was just tangy and nice.
Vegetables and the veggie dips just taste 2times better by itself. The juicy sweetness of the dish was delectable.That’s why you should come to Senior S cafe!
Note:Jasmine ate a blueberry with hmmous and her face looked sour and red.
I think she didn’t enjoy it.
If you want to see her go to Jazzy’s jellybeans

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