September 16

Term 3 Inquiry Reflection


For this Term’s Inquiry unit, all the Seniors have been learning about  Australian Politics.

I found out that Stanley Melbourne Bruce was the 8th prime minister of Australia, he made government management of Australia’s interests and he recommend Australia in shaping British Imperial foreign policy.

Democracy is a system of the population from each state to elect a representative.

Federal, State and Local are the 3 levels of government in Australia. by helping Australian government.

During the Term, we have watched BTN videos about parliament and they give us lots of information about Parliament, which is where political people write and discuss about laws, rules and changes.

In the past of voting, people were only allowed to vote at the age of 21, women weren’t allowed to vote ,nor were aboriginal or Torres Strait Islanders unless they were in the army (after 1962). Now they let aboriginals vote and since 1977, they allow voting from the age of 18.


Learning new stuff about Politics was the best!

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