February 23

My Awesome Week 4

This week has been a busy week.We have done art, twilight sport preparation and etc.

My favourite part of the week is showing Red Team their dance for twilight sport.

I’m not a red sports Leader but I’m just a helper and  it’s really fun.

Red Team are doing an amazing job doing the dance and I hope they can do better on Sports night.

On Tuesday, it was the Gr.6s Leadership Day.

The Gr. 6s played and did Leadership activities and it was fun and interesting.

The best bit of Leadership Day was the food.It was delicious having fruit, other sweet food and potato cake with chips.It was a very fun week and I can’t wait for next week.

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1 thoughts on “My Awesome Week 4

  1. Eva

    I agree with you it has been a really busy week. and I also think we did good on the dance, even though we came second. and leadership day was really fun. I wish we could do it again one time, but probably not.


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