May 5

Week 3 Adventure

This week as been an adventurous week by doing Winter School Sports, learning about shapes for maths, Italian, Performing Arts and loads more.

For Winter School Sports, I am playing Netball with people who are in Netball A.On Tuesday, St Luke’s verse St Christopher’s and we won by soccer and Netball A.For Netball on Tuesday we scored 32-2 and it was a blast.On Friday, St Luke’s was versing Mount Waverley Heights and it was hard.

Mount Waverley Heights won Netball A by 24-9 but they were tough.Luckily St Luke’s won soccer and Netball B.

It was a adventurous week!

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2 thoughts on “Week 3 Adventure

  1. daisyj2

    Hi Vivienne,
    I thought that the winter sports this week was fun and exciting, I agree that Mount Waverly Heights Netball A were really good and tough to play against but I liked it. I agree that this week has been adventurous and busy week but I learnt a lot. What was your favorite thing to do this week?
    From Daisy


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