June 1


What is monopoly? It is a board game that you go through a trail and get some money.
Who invented Monopoly? Charles Darrow
When was monopoly made? By 1933
What do you use for monopoly? Money,4 figures,cards to tell you,the board game.

Do you like playing Monopoly?

May 27

Math survey

This week Sienna and I surveyed the Juniors
Our topic was ice-cream and the flavours were Chocolate,Mint,Vanilla,Rainbow and Cookies & cream.
*The best flavour for all of the ice-creams were Cookies & cream from the Juniors and 7 people like Cookies & cream
*The least favourite flavour was Vanilla by only 2 people
*Chocolate and Rainbow got a tie with 4 people
All of the people there were 23 altogether.

What is your favourite ice-cream flavour between Chocolate,Mint,Vanilla,Rainbow and Cookies & cream?

May 3


You will need:Milk,egg,vanilla,flour,baking powder,salt ,melted butter and also a large bowl.

First you will sift together the flour and baking powder,salt and sugar altogether.

Pour milk,egg,and melted butter together to make it smooth.

Then put some oil in a frying pan to make the pancake fluffy.

Pour in 1 on 4 of the pancake mix to enjoy.



April 20

The Zika Virus

In my class we learnt all about the Zika virus.In my class we did some sentences all about if the zika virus is  dangerous all harmless.

I strongly believe that we shouldn’t be too worried about the Zika virus if no-one hasn’t died yet accept for pragnent  women but are people from different countries trying to stop the Zika virus or just leaving it?

Pragnent women should be actually worried because if they got bitten from the Zika virus it could give babies a smaller head and even smaller brains,especially from Uganda and also the 30 different countries but you shouldn’t be worried if you live in Australia.


April 20

All about me

Hi everyone,today I’m going to tell you all about me and here are my responds.

  • I like playing netball with my friends
  • Like eating pizza
  • Going to different places/going around the world
  • Like the colour Red,blue and purple
  • Maths
  • Reading
  • Playing with my friends